A race against the clock

While we eagerly await a vaccine, screening is our best chance at controlling the pandemic. Our scent recognition technology could provide a fast and cheap solution for mass screening.

We are on a mission to spot super spreaders and return life as we know it back to normal.


A safe space

Imagine being able to enter any enclosed space or big event, without fear of catching COVID-19.

We are developing a secure and efficient service for airports, hotels, hospitals, and other contained venues, to screen visitors prior to access and create a safe space.


More accurate every day

Our algorithm uses steady machine learning, with constant, ongoing improvements. Our goal is to collect 10,000 samples, in order to validate the technology and improve its accuracy. Pilots are already running in countries around the world. Join our efforts too.

Tested to date

5821 samples collected
85 % accuracy

Fast. Effective. Scalable.

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First, breathe into the plastic bag

It takes just 10 seconds to collect the air sample in our single-use Air-Trap, which are safely disposed of after each test.

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We analyze it on the spot

Our Nasal Scent Recorder contains a chip with 12 sensors, which analyzes the air sample to identify the virus' unique molecular signature.

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The test result is sent to you privately

Within 30 seconds, a positive or negative COVID-19 result is communicated to you privately.


Just like image recognition recognizes patterns and regularities, our scent recognition does the same for smell. Nanoscent'ss technology makes scent readable by combining our Scent Recorder alongside cloud based scent recognition algorithms. The Scent Recorder creates a unique signature of authenticity for every scent, and is able to identify thousands of odors in order to detect and anaylze scent patterns.

Just like other viruses that change the way our bodies and breath smell, coronavirus has a unique smell. Scientific lab studies on pigs have identified the ability to detect coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, early on by analyzing nasal exhalations.

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Depending on your company's industry, you may be able to start a pilot. Our technology is still evolving as we continue to work toward reaching a global standard in COVID-19 testing.

Scent Recognition Applications

From Health Security to Industrial Safety

NanoScent has already brought radical innovation to many industries. From detecting pregnancy in cows and monitoring people's nutrition via toilet scent, to reporting levels of air pollution in cities. And we have only just begun tapping into the potential of scent recognition.

Already trusted by

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First Industry 4.0

Energy efficiency and CO2 reduction

Utility companies must continuously monitor the levels of hazardous odors in the city to prevent an environmental crisis. NanoScent provides a real-time, scalable detector that indicates the precise presence of multiple potentially hazardous odors in a given city.

Second Industry 4.0

Detecting rotten fruit

To measure and quantify the quality of a product before being shipped, we create a scent recognition pattern according to the client’s needs and use it to test the quality of a product at the wholesaler.

Third Healthcare

Monitoring nutrition via toilet scent analysis

NanoScent has developed an application for nutritional purposes, with a scent recognition sensor to distinguish diets through different VOC patterns - the results of changes in the bacteria populations of the microbiome. In the future, the technology could provide nutritional recommendations for each and every person.

Fourth Healthcare

Leak Detection

With chemical and petrochemical facilities required to monitor and pinpoint a VOC leakage without on-site human interaction, Nanoscent can sense multiple harmful VOCs, in low concentration and in real-time, to locate the source of hazardous leakage & automatically send notifications for immediate repair.

About Us

NanoScent Labs

Located in Misgav, within the heart of Silicon Wadi, NanoScent is a fast-growing biotech startup. Our team of highly-skilled engineers is focused on perfecting execution as they work harmoniously in their drive to make an impactful difference in the field.

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  • Funded in 2017
  • $5M in funding
  • 30 Employees
  • Selected by EU Horizon 2020
  • CES 2019 Award

2019 Cool Vendor in Novel Sensors
by Gartner

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Join forces to detect COVID-19


How to start a pilot in three steps

  • Request a consultation.
  • Set up an on-site, 4-12 week training pilot, with 5-10 Scent Readers and 500 air traps.
  • Sign a sales agreement based upon the success of the pilot.

To start a pilot, please contact us.