NanoScent has been named a 2019 Cool Vendor in Novel Sensors by Gartner.

Measuring Scent

Scent Check can be used for inspecting a car before you sell it if you want to make sure that there is no malodour or cigarette smoke in the car. But it could be also used to monitor an industrial facility and make sure that there is no gas leak in the vicinity of the factory and prevent a disaster.

If you are interested in detecting these or other smells, please get in touch!

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Smart City

Reporting air & water pollution city-wide

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Industry 4.0

Scent quality control of production line

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Controlling car cabin air quality

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Leak Detection

VOC radar for preventing environmental disasters

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If you are interested in detecting these or other smells, please get in touch!

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NanoScent is making scents readable. Our offering is for diverse customers providing managers an objective tool to measure scent any time anywhere.

NanoScent is making odour a part of the digital world for the benefit of factories, healthcare and personal. NanoScent technology can be used to detect hundreds of different odours and scents, ranging from cigarette car smoke all the way to hazardous odours such as benzene.


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  • NanoScent is making scent readable by combining the hardware (Scent Recorder) and the software (cloud based scent recognition algorithms) for the deployment of the scent recognition service. NanoScent SR (Scent Recorder) includes 3 components: 1. Electronics housing and communication; 2. Pneumatics; 3. Core sensor.

  • On the sensing chamber we have 8 different sensors 1mm diameter each that resemble a flower. On each of the leaves of this flower the sensor has different chemical coatings, thus providing different response to the air sample. Each leaf of the flower is connected to an electrode and the chemical coating lies between + and - of each interdigitated electrode.

  • The sensing cycle is similar to breathing - we breath in and then we breath out. In order to achieve this, the SR creates vacuum in the sensing chamber. During the scent measuring cycle, air is coming in through the inlet, then it is locked in the chamber for several seconds, and then the digital signal is transmitted to the software. Vacuum is used for cleaning.

Our Team

  • Ilanit Arbel

    Head of operations
  • Orna Barash, PhD

    Director of Research
  • Michael Ben-Nes

    Senior software developer
  • Samah Abu Elhija

    Development Lab technician associate
  • Oren Gavriely

    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Nitzan Givon

    Research Associate
  • Sima Israel

    Head of Printing
  • Katya Kapilov

    Head of chemistry
  • Nir Nevo Dinur

  • Yair Paska

    VP Hardware
  • Eran Rom

    Co-Founder, CTO
  • Galit Weil

    Research Associate
  • Yahel Znati

    Development associate
  • Amnon Bar Lev

    Board of Directors, Past President of Checkpoint
  • Andy Sriubas

    Board of Directors, Chief Commercial Officer, OUTFRONT Media

Loved by businesses across the globe.

  • «NanoScent delivers on its promises. Compared to other startups, it is very credible.»
  • «NanoScent technology is very promising. Working with NanoScent proved their team to be highly-qualified and passionate. They are experts at scent recognition.»
    Sumitomo Chemicals
  • «Overall, it was a pleasure to work with NanoScent team.»
    Continental Tires
  • «These innovators represent the tech industry’s leadership on, and commitment to reducing our impact on the environment by lowering carbon emissions. Our industry is already making safer and more efficient products, and this year’s honorees embody how the next generation of innovative tech – from cooking and gardening to heating and lighting – can deliver lasting benefits that protect our planet for future generations.»
    Walter Alcorn, vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability, CTA
  • «Nanoscent’s technology is core to our business.»
    CEO of Refinery

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