NanoScent is the CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovator Awards Honoree* for the mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 2,133,725,910 cars driven for a year.

Use Cases

There is a wide range of applications for NanoScent in a variety of industries. The world of opportunity for scent control is wide. Currently, we are also conducting specific research with industry and corporate entities in healthcare and wellbeing.

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Reporting air & water pollution city-wide

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Industry 4.0

Scent quality control of production line

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Controlling car cabin air quality

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VOC Watch

VOC radar for preventing environmental disasters

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To learn more about these projects, and/or become our research partner, please get in touch.

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NanoScent has developed a patented scent recognition platform that is used by industrial plants to prevent potentially disastrous leaks into the environment.

Moreover, our easy-to-scale SaaS solution is unique as it can detect and pinpoint the exact locations of a wide range of scents (odors or toxins) at low concentrations, based on machine learning algorithms.

NanoScent’s driving mission is to create an easy-and-quickly scalable scent recognition platform that can serve humanity by providing better healthcare, a healthier environment and an improved quality of life.

NanoScent was founded in 2017 with the aim of making a difference in the way environmental damage is prevented and how to more proactively manage potential VOC emissions. NanoScent started in collaboration with the prestigious Technion University and currently produces its intelligent systems in the industrial area of Misgav, Israel.


  • NanoScent makes scent readable. The patented scent recorder creates a unique signature of authenticity for every scent (specific VOCs). There are two places where this takes place: the sensor and the machine learning algorithms.

    How it works

  • The sensor is made up of eight different, active and adjustable receptors. They are instructed to be more sensitive to a group of scents and less to other factors, depending on the particular needs of the user.


  • The platform is based on patented chemoresistor technology which presents numerous advantages: it is very sensitive, highly responsive and reacts to a wide range of VOCs. Plus, it is easy to scale & allows you to visualize the scent.


Our Team

  • Orna Barash, PhD

    Director of Research
  • Nofar Forkosh

    Administrative Director
  • Hadar Frenkel

    Account Manager, CPA
  • Oren Gavriely

    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Raneen Jeries

    Research Manager
  • Joseph Kalish

    Director of Business Development
  • Yair Paska

    PhD, VP Hardware
  • Eran Rom

    Co-Founder, CTO
  • Lyuba Zelenkova

    Marketing Manager
  • Nitzan Givon

    Research Associate
  • Sima Israel

    Development manager
  • Amnon Bar Lev

    Board of Directors, Past President of Checkpoint
  • Andy Sriubas

    Board of Directors, Chief Commercial Officer, OUTFRONT Media
  • Ezri Tarazi, PhD

    Advisory Board, Chair of Technion Industrial Design

Loved by businesses across the globe.

  • «NanoScent technology is very promising. Working with NanoScent proved their team to be highly-qualified and passionate. They are experts at scent recognition»
  • «These innovators represent the tech industry’s leadership on, and commitment to reducing our impact on the environment by lowering carbon emissions. Our industry is already making safer and more efficient products, and this year’s honorees embody how the next generation of innovative tech – from cooking and gardening to heating and lighting – can deliver lasting benefits that protect our planet for future generations.»
    Walter Alcorn, vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability, CTA
  • «Nanoscent’s technology is core to our business.»
    CEO of Refinery

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